is a website dedicated to any old computer system that has been made.  Over time the content will build up to something more valuable.

What is the definition of a retro computer?  Pretty much any computer ever made that someone could have an interest in.  This means the CPU could be of 4bit, 8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 64bit, or what ever number of bit computer that has been or will come along.  One persons retro computer is another persons mainstream computer.

It is unlikely at this time that general consumer computers made in the last 10 years (from what ever day you read this) will show up on this site.  Though it is not impossible.

You can expect to find links to websites that support people trying to keep their retro computers running, or who are trying to learn more about older computer systems.  Articles about computer hardware, software, notable people in computer history, how-to, tips, and other things not even mentioned here.

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